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Supporting Lana Estemirova, Natasha Estemirova's daughter

After Natasha Estemirovas murder on July 15, her friends and colleagues are rallying to take care of her daughter Lana, who is 15. Lana is an orphan since her father was killed in a mine accident many years ago. Lana will live with her aunt Svetlana, Natashas sister, who will also be her guardian. As of August 2009, two separate bank accounts have been created to raise funds for Lana. One has been set up by Natasha's organization Memorial in Russia, to cover Lanas immediate needs. Funds from this account will be managed by Lana's guardian. The other account has been set up in France by FIDH (www.fidh.org), an organization with which Natasha closely cooperated; money donated to that account will become available to Lana once she turns 18. Detailed information about the two accounts, including how to wire money, is posted below. If you would like to donate to the French or Russian account, but are not located in Russia or France or otherwise unable to wire money there, please contact us at can@chechnyaadvocacy.org and we will try to find a way to transfer your donation.

In addition, CAN and our American partners are currently working to set up a trust fund for Lana in the US, to accommodate donations from Americans and US foundations. The trust funds purpose will be based on Lanas immediate and future needs, but the focus will probably be on supporting Lanas education. It was Natashas expressed desire that her daughter get an opportunity to study abroad; in fact, getting Lana into an exchange program was her last request to CAN, just weeks before her death. Lana herself has also said that she would like to get an education abroad after finishing school in Russia. Information about the prospective trust fund, and how to contribute to it, will be published here as soon as it is available.

Account in France:
Bank Details: Fortis Banque
23, Rue Henri Barbusse
F92000 NANTERRE France
Bank Code: 30488
Branch Code: 00001
Account Number: 00040101409
ID Number: 54
IBAN: FR76 3048 8000 0100 0401 0140 954

About FIDH:
Association Reconnue d'Utilite Publique
17, Passage de la main d'or, 75011 PARIS,
phone: +33(0)1 43 55 25 18, fax: +33(0)1 43 55 18 80

Account in Russia:
: "" .
/ 30101810900000000795
046577795 6608008004
: / 40817810315010000002 ""

About Memorial:
127051, . ,
, 12
phone: +7 495 650-78-83, fax: +7 495 609-06-94



The Chechnya Advocacy Network was formed out of deep concern about the alarming situation in Chechnya and the plight of Chechen refugees all over the world. We strive to raise awareness about the ongoing conflict, particularly its human dimension, advocate for a more engaged international response and work to develop adequate responses to the humanitarian crisis. We are neither pro-Chechen nor pro-Russian, but supportive of solutions that promise the best possible outcome for the people of Chechnya and the North Caucasus. As an open, non-partisan initiative we welcome everyone who shares these goals with us.

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