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News Archive

Below are weekly news updates from past months. Some of the links may no longer work; some sites may require registration. For recent news coverage, go to our news section.

News Special - Parliamentary elections, November 27

Chechen elections, manipulated normalcy (Nabi Abdullaev, International Relations and Security Network)

Interview: A step forward in Chechnya? (Robert Bruce Ware, UPI)

EU Encouraged by Peaceful Vote in Chechnya (Moscow News)

First two bitter wars in Chechnya. Then a savage massacre in Beslan. Now Russia's nightmare is coming true: an explosion of Islamic militancy across an entire region (The Guardian)

Results of parliamentary elections in Chechnya were as predicted (ReliefWeb)

United Russia leading in Chechen parliamentary elections (Interfax)

Pro-Kremlin Party Leads In Chechen Elections (RFE/RL)

Chechnya Votes for Three-Party System (Kommersant)

Village administration head killed in Chechnya (Interfax)

Chechen president says Zakayev can return if pardoned (RIA Novosti)

Human rights groups skeptical on Chechnya vote (Interfax)

Head of PACE delegation doubts validity of Chechen elections(Interfax)

Chechen leader to meet exiled separatists (Financial Times)

Russia trumpets Chechnya's 'democratic and honest' poll (The Independent)

Mixed reaction to Chechen vote (Times Online)

Kremlin-backed Candidates Lead Local Chechen Elections (Voice of America)

Chechnya votes for parliament (Chicago Tribune)

Separatists denounce 'farcical' Chechen poll (The Guardian)

Doubts, Hope as Chechens Vote (Moscow Times)

Chechens vote but with little faith in parliament (Financial Times)

Chechnya goes to the polls (Aljazeera)

A Parliament Built for Kadyrov (Moscow Times)

Hopes for stability in Chechnya vote (Christian Science Monitor)

Peace still elusive as Russia's Chechnya votes (Reuters AlertNet)

The Chance to Make a Choice (Russia Profile)

Senior Rebel Gives Up And Appeals to Voters (Moscow Times)

French Agency Calls Russia Report of Chechen Commander's Surrender Elections Stunt (Moscow News)

Chechen Election Offers Little Hope for Stability (IWPR)

United Russia and Maskhadov's People are set to compete for Chechen voters (Kommersant)

An illusion of democracy in war-torn Chechnya (Financial Times)

Weekly News Update - November 23

Chechnya to vote amid continuing bloodshed (Reliefweb)

Two militants killed in Chechnya (Interfax)

4 Are Killed in Clashes in Chechnya, Dagestan (Moscow Times)

International Islamic forum to be held in Chechnya (Interfax)

Chechen People Protest Against Military Oppression in Republic (Moscow News)

Chechens Tell of Terrifying Attacks on a Dark Road (Los Angeles Times)

Chechnya Starts Early Voting Ahead of Parliamentary Elections (Moscow News)

In Chechnya, war tears brothers apart (Reuters AlertNet)

District elections official killed in Chechnya (Interfax)

Norway to help rebuilding effort in Chechnya (Interfax)

Preparations for parliamentary elections in Chechnya are complete (Prague Watchdog)

Pro-Moscow Chechen Official Sues Liberal Weekly for Libel (Moscow News)

Channeling Despair and Longing Into Chechen Anthems (New York Times)

Military Says Russian Troops Confess To Chechen Killings (Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty)

Aide: Chechen PM's Car Crash an Accident (Guardian/AP)

Weekly News Update - December 25

Putin open to European ideas on Chechnya (Reuters AlertNet)

Putin signals Chechnya initiative (BBC)

Russia Willing to Accept Western Help for Chechnya - Lavrov (Moscow News)

Despite progress, Russia has much to do to improve women's rights - UN expert (UN News Center)

No Russian conscripts left in Chechnya (Washington Times)

No conscripts left in Chechnya - defense minister (Interfax)

Chechen women tortured - UN (News 24)

Qatar extradites Russian agents (BBC)

Ex-OMON Sought in Grozny (St.Petersburg Times)

Chechen Chanteuse (Moscow Times)

Qatar sends 2 prisoners to Russia (International Herald Tribune)

Convicted Russian Agents Arrive Home (Guardian)

Prominent guerilla leader killed in Grozny (Interfax)

Putin's attitude heralds new hope for Chechnya: German official (EU Business)

UN starts integration plan for refugees in Russia's North Caucasus republics (UN News Center)

Letting in Zakaev, Belgium would face International Community Discredit - Foreign Minister (RIA-Novosti)

Russia does not reject Western help to Chechen economy (Itar-Tass)

Suspected Terrorists Arrested for Deadly Raid on Police Station Near Chechnya (Moscow News)

European Commission ready to take part in Chechen reconstruction (Itar-Tass)

Militant Killed in Chechnya (RIA-Novosti)

Over 19,000 Chechen refugees wish to stay in Ingushetia (Itar-Tass)

Putin: foreign help welcome in rebuilding Chechnya (Interfax)

Russian Forces Kill Rebel Reportedly Involved in Beheading British Hostages in Chechnya (Moscow News)

Putin Yes to German/EU mediation on Chechnya (Gateway 2 Russia)

Dzhabrailov calls on Europe to deny militants' Internet support (Interfax)

Russia ready to discuss EU involvement in Chechnya (EU Observer)

Putin, Schroeder Seek to Resolve Chechnya Crisis on German Visit (Moscow News)

In Germany, Putin Backs Chechnya Talks (Guardian)

Putin Says Ready for EU Role in Chechnya (St.Petersburg Times)

Weekly News Update - December 18

Two armed Chechens detained in Ingushetia (Interfax)

Victims of Russia's 10-year Chechen war ask: why? (Reuters AlertNet)

Hunger strike reveals strains in Polish asylum system (Reuters AlertNet)

4 Policemen Killed, Weapons Stolen in Rebel Attack in South Russia (Moscow News)

Kazakhstan: Chechens mark 10th anniversary of war (Irinnews)

The bloody decade Russia wants to forget (Sunday Herald)

Chechnya's Invisible War (IWPR)

Images of Grozny Ten Years on (IWPR)

Kadyrov Declares Compensation War (IWPR)

Viewpoints: War in Chechnya (Alkhanov, de Waal, Khakamada etc.) (BBC)

War racketeers plague Chechnya (BBC)

Weekly News Update - December 11

In Pictures: War in Chechnya (BBC)

Chechnya: 10 years of conflict (BBC)

Chechnya forum: Ask a panel (BBC)

Russian War in Chechnya Marks 10 Year Anniversary (VOA)

Special Report: Beslan: the aftermath (Sunday Times)

Analysis: Ten Years Of War In Chechnya (PolitInfo.com)

Bringing troops into Chechnya in 1994 was inadequate measure - Gorbachev (Interfax)

Caged room shuts out demons of war - Sebastian Smith (The Times)

Grozny gangsters hold sway in a wasteland created by Russia - Sebastian Smith (The Times)

Russia Defends Policy of Preventive Strikes in Other Countries (Moscow News)

Putin Advisor Aslakhanov Says Russia Should Talk to Chechen Commandos (Moscow News)

Russia, U.S. Discuss Antiterror Cooperation (Radio Free Europe)

Kremlin Aide Rules Out End to Chechen War (The Guardian/AP)

A Chechnya Plan: Talk - Ilyas Akhmadov (Washington Post)

Chechnya Tore Rights Movement Apart - Nabi Abdullaev (Moscow Times)

Russia slams Norway over Chechen envoy's visit (Reuters AlertNet)

Alkhanov wants UN humanitarian offices opened in Chechnya (Interfax)

UN delegation arrives in Chechnya for visit (Itar-Tass)

How did rape become a weapon of war? (BBC)

Rights Group Calls Women The 'Unrecognized' Casualties Of War (Radio Free Europe)

First Stop, Poland (Transitions Online)

The Fiction of Harmonized Standards (Transitions Online)

Russian soldiers blamed for disappearances (Globe and Mail)

Chechnya school feeding expands to reach 16,000 students (Reuters AlertNet)

Three men found dead in Chechnya's Grozny district (Interfax)

Chechen compensation commission official kidnapped (Interfax)

Chechen wounds have yet to heal (Houston Chronicle/AP)

Will Chechnya become a special economic zone? (RIA-Novosti)

Council of Europe inspectors visit jails in Chechnya (Interfax)

Chechnya: Ten Years of Violence (IWPR)

Comment: A War of Unintended Consequences - Tom de Waal (IWPR)

Der vergessene Krieg - Schwerpunkt Tschetschenien (Die Zeit - in German)

Weekly News Update - October 10

Why Basayev Is So Hard to Capture (Moscow Times)

Fears of revenge and retribution loom as 40 days of mourning following the Beslan hostage seizure nears (Boston Globe/AP)

Landmine Kills 2 in Chechnya (Voice of America)

Dead Chechen mercenary had B.C. licence (Globe and Mail)

Russia Says Europe Playing 'Double Game' On Chechnya (Radio Free Europe)

Rights 'catastrophe' in Chechnya (BBC)

Council of Europe backs Chechnya conference (Reuters AlertNet)

Chechnya: Leader Addresses Council Of Europe Amid Critical Report (Radio Free Europe)

PACE Approves Resolution on Human Rights in Chechnya, Russia Unhappy (Moscow News)

No draft into Russian army in Chechnya this fall (Interfax)

Forthcoming hearings at the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR press release)

Chechen Separatist Basayev's Web Site Back Online in Finland After Lithuania Shutdown (Moscow News)

Number of young women abducted in Chechnya increases (Interfax)

UN Council ready to adopt new anti-terror measure (Reuters AlertNet)

Caucasus tension high in October, says aid expert (Reuters AlertNet)

Chechen warlords to be killed soon (Russia Journal)

Chechnya's president sworn in under guard (Boston Globe/AP)

Weekly News Update - September 30

Tracing a tragedy - Part I (The Guardian)

Tracing a tragedy - Part II (The Guardian)

Putin Reforms Cause North Caucasus Anxiety (IWPR)

Georgia: Pankisi in Firing Line (IWPR)

Confusion Surrounds Beslan Band (IWPR)

Kabardino-Balkaria Fears Spread of Terror (IWPR)

North Caucasus: Growing Instability Keeps Aid Out Of Chechnya (Radio Free Europe)

His Road to Infamy (Transitions Online)

No Pardon for Budanov (Transitions Online)

Putin's Chechnya options narrow (Christian Science Monitor)

Negotiator in Russia School Hostage Case Warns Revenge Could Ignite Regional Violence (New York Times)

Two Tragic Septembers - Kuchins, Trenin (St.Petersburg Times)

Quotes by Bush on Russia and Chechnya (The Guardian)

Bush Shifts View on Russia to Suit Election Campaign (Moscow News)

Warlord wanted for Beslan atrocity trapped by Russian-backed forces (The Independent)

Chechen Separatist Leader Maskhadov Encircled by Russian Troops - Regional Official (Moscow News)

Georgia's Saakashvili Denies Friendly Ties With Chechen Rebels (Moscow News)

Disbelief as Chechens held for Russian editor's murder (The Independent)

Chechens Held In Editor's Death (Washington Post)

Chechens held over Forbes editor death (BBC)

Russian Expert Doubts Chechen Trace in Murder of U.S. Editor Klebnikov (Moscow News)

At a School in Russia, a World of Emptiness (New York Times)

Russia 'wasted time' during siege (BBC)

Beslan Hostage-Takers Did Not Want to Die - Former Ingush President Ruslan Aushev (Msocow News)

Former Ingush president calls for talks with "moderate" Chechen militants (Interfax)

Turkish 'Mercenary' Said To Be Among Dead In Chechnya (Radio Free Europe)

Russia considering retaliatory military strikes outside country (Knight-Ridder)

Analysis: Beyond Beslan, The Caucasus's Fissures Run Deep (Radio Free Europe)

Unease at UN over Russian terror blacklist plan (The Russia Journal)

Russia wants Chechens put on UN terror list (International Herald Tribune)

Maskhadov Promises to Put Basayev on Trial (Moscow Times)

Beslan siege plotter will be tried, vows Chechen leader (The Guardian)

Chechen Leader Says Basaev Will Be Tried After War (Radio Free Europe)

Chechens' Terror Links Drawing Attention (The Guardian)

Chechen rebels kill four Russian servicemen (Reuters)

Moscow steps up its reign of terror in Chechnya after the horrors of Beslan siege (Daily Telegraph)

CE: Chechnya should have human remains identification lab (Interfax)

Three Chechen women indicted for complicity in terrorism (Interfax)

Shoot first and ask questions later - if at all (Globe and Mail)

Federal Forces Launch Major Crackdown on Chechen Rebels (Moscow News)

Russia Seeks UN Terrorist Asylum Abuse Crackdown (Moscow News)

Chechnya's consequences - Grigory Yavlinsky (International Herald Tribune)

News Update - September 23

Rebel Suspect May Have Collected Foreign Funds (Moscow Times)

Russian Security Forces Strike at Heart of Suicide Bomber Network (Moscow News)

Chechen community in Russia said to back rebuilding of republic (Gateway 2 Russia)

A police state minus the police (The Guardian)

Putin's Chechnya envoy urges end to corruption (Reuters)

In the Eye of the Storms (Washington Post)

Going Soviet: Putin and the Beslan Reponse (Eurasianet)

Russia braces for tough new terror laws (The Guardian)

Russian Cancels Pardon Request in Chechen Case (New York Times)

Chechens protest mooted pardon for Russian murderer (Reuters AlertNet)

Killer colonel drops pardon bid (BBC)

Putin's Counter-Reformation (Transitions Online)

Patriotic Provocation (Moscow News)

News Update - September 20

Operation to find Basayev, Maskhadov underway in Chechnya (Interfax)

Russia's Foray into Preemptive Warfare a New Challenge to its Security Establishment (PINR)

Life After Beslan (IWPR)

North Ossetia Tensions Escalate (IWPR)

Moscow Must Admit Its Mistakes in Chechnya - Diederik Lohmann (Moscow Times)

Chechens See Old Hostilities in New Moscow Policy (NPR - audio)

Putin faces Chechnya dilemma over jailed colonel (Reuters)

Pardon for Russian officer would 'spit in the soul of Chechens' (The Independent)

Pardon for a colonel is disputed in Russia (International Herald Tribune)

Chechen Government Fights Budanov Pardon (Moscow News)

Beslan reveals revolting Chechen Che (Australian Financial Review)

Governor Backs Pardoning Russian Who Killed Chechen Woman (New York Times)

Lithuania shuts Chechen rebel site (BBC)

In Ethnic Tinderbox, Fear of Revenge for School Killings (New York Times)

Russia Errors Help Basayev Elude Capture (New York Times/AP)

Russian Who Killed Chechen May Get a Pardon (New York Times)

Basayev Says He Was Behind Beslan (Moscow Times)

Grieving Beslan residents suspect death toll cover-up (The Guardian)

Chechnya murderer pardoned (BBC)

Chechen rebel claims Beslan siege (BBC)

Excerpts: Basayev claims Beslan (BBC)

For Some Beslan Families, Hope Itself Dies Agonizingly (New York Times)

Lithuania Hints At Shutdown Of Pro-Chechen Website (Radio Free Europe)

EU Should Not Turn Back Chechen Refugees, UN Says (Reuters)

News Update - September 14

Zakayev warns west over Chechnya (The Guardian)

Tragedies like Beslan killings 'inevitable' (The Guardian)

Chechen Rebel Envoy Seeks Aid for Peace (The Guardian)

Communication Breakdown. Could the Kremlin have talked its way out of the massacre at School No. 1? (Time)

Young Wolves on the Prowl (Moscow News)

Moscow: Chechens split over Beslan (Washington Times)

In Russia, Putin's policies escalate Chechnya crisis - Svante Cornell (Centre Daily - Baltimore Sun)

Russia plows new funding into fighting terrorism (International Herald Tribune)

The Chechen's Story: From Unrivaled Guerrilla Leader to the Terror of Russia (New York Times)

Russian threats alarm Georgia (BBC)

Council of Europe sounds alarm over Chechnya (Reuters AlertNet)

Critics Say Putin Must Address Security Corruption (Washington Post)

Back to the U.S.S.R. (Christian Science Monitor)

Putin tightens grip on security (BBC)

From Those Putin Would Weaken, Praise (New York Times)

Putin's Reforms Are Dangerous for Russia (Moscow Times)

Putin's Plan Contradicts Spirit of Constitution (Moscow Times)

Papers Say Kremlin Mounting a 'Coup' (Moscow Times)

Powell: Russia Pulling Back on Democratic Reform (Reuters)

Putin's grip (Christian Science Monitor)

EU says Russia reforms should respect human rights (Reuters AlertNet)

News Update - September 12

Chechnya War A Deepening Trap for Putin (Washington Post)

Prisoners of the Caucasus (New Yorker)

Putin's outdated illusions are dangerous (Christian Science Monitor)

"The Whole World Is Crying" (Time)

Russian Helicopter Shot Down in Chechnya, Crew Killed (Moscow News)

Chechen rebels 'behind helicopter crash' (Reuters)

News Update - September 11

Chechen Rebels Mainly Driven by Nationalism (New York Times)

Grief turns to anger in dark Beslan (The Guardian)

Young minds scarred by Beslan horror (The Guardian)

Analysis: Kazakhs In Beslan? The Multiethnic Face Of Post-Soviet Terror (Radio Free Europe)

Stop Blaming Putin and Start Helping Him - Fiona Hill (New York Times)

A Way Out of Putin's Catch-22 (Moscow Times)

State of Siege. Putin's Strong Hand Is Failing Russia (Washington Post)

John Kampfner: Eyeball to eyeball with Vladimir Putin (The Independent)

Allies Against Terror, Sliding Farther Apart (New York Times)

Q&A: Stephen Sestanovich on Putin's Chechnya Problem (New York Times/Council on Foreign Relations)

'I fear for the future of Chechnya' - Khassan Baiev (Boston Globe)

Maskhadov: Chechnya's defiant ex-leader (CNN)

News Update - September 10

Viewpoint: Top Chechen commanders - Sebastian Smith (BBC)

Russia to launch Beslan inquiry (BBC)

The Populist Approach (Moscow Times)

A Way Out of Putin's Catch-22 (Moscow Times)

Hundreds Demand Extradition of Chechen Separatist From U.S. (Moscow News)

Russian Journalist: FSB Wanted to Kill Me (Moscow News)

Moscow Region Governor Orders Sweeping Checks of Migrants (Moscow News)

Moscow Police Beat Up Cosmonaut in Racist Attack (Moscow News)

Putin Backtracks on Parliamentary Probe into Beslan Terror (Moscow News)

6 Chechens Among Beslan Terrorists, No Arabs - Agency (Moscow News)

Russian Leader Promises Open Inquiry Into Terror Attack (New York Times)

Russia Launches Inquiry Into School Siege (Washington Post)

Siege Deepens Rift With West in Russia (Washington Post)

Analysis: The Kremlin's Reaction -- Stay The Course (Radio Free Europe)

Chechnya: Russia's Second Afghanistan (PINR)

News Update - September 9

Russia Says Siege Leader Brutally Killed 3 Followers (Washington Post)

Russia tightens Caucasus security (BBC)

Caucasus conflict fears escalate (BBC)

Foreign minister attacks Britain for granting asylum to Chechen (The Guardian)

Wary villagers fear ethnic backlash after massacre (The Guardian)

From Dismal Chechnya, Women Turn to Bombs (New York Times)

Putin Moves to Strengthen Antiterror Forces in South (New York Times)

Russia: Chechens Were Part of School Raid (New York Times/AP)

Russia's horror (The Economist)

German Press Review: Is Chechnya an International Problem? (Deutsche Welle)

What Putin Should Do (Newsweek)

Russia shapes plan of attack (Christian Science Monitor)

Silence of Political Elite Is Deafening (Moscow Times)

Analysis: Russian ties with West sour (BBC)

News Update - September 8

A Western strategy for Chechnya -Anatol Lieven (International Herald Tribune)

Siege Leader Depicted as Brutal Killer Of Own Forces (Washington Post)

Beslan Residents Mourn Their City Along With Their Dead (Washington Post)

Old Animosities Boil Anew In Wake of School Tragedy (Washington Post)

Putin Angered By Critics On Siege (Washington Post)

Russia's Antiterror Tactics: Reward and a First Strike (New York Times)

Grief in Russia Mixes With Harsh Words for Government (New York Times)

Anger rising in volatile Caucasus (Christian Science Monitor)

Beslan Tragedy has Potential to Fan Conflict Across the Caucasus (Eurasianet)

Putin puts 6m price on rebels' heads (The Guardian)

Poisoned by Putin - Anna Politkovskaya (The Guardian)

'Stalin seems to be his role model' (The Guardian)

Film taken by militants shows hostages' desperate plight (The Guardian)

Beslan Protesters Force Dismissal of Regional Govt. in South Russia (Moscow News)

Moscow Says U.S. Statements on Chechen Talks Hurting Relations (Moscow News)

Russia's FSB Offers $10M Bounty for Chechen Leaders Basayev, Maskhadov (Moscow News)

Rights Groups Criticize Russia School Siege "Cover-up" (Moscow News)

Putin Is Facing His Biggest Challenge (Moscow Times)

Ossetia Ministers Fired After Angry Protest (Moscow Times)

Russia: Beslan Hostage Crisis Rekindles Tensions Between Ossetians And Ingush (Radio Free Europe)

Russia: U.S. Urges Chechen Settlement, Sympathizes In School Siege (Radio Free Europe)

Russia: Journalist Detentions Raise Suspicions Of Media Control (Radio Free Europe)

NGO Says Journalists Harrassed During Beslan Siege (Radio Free Europe)

Analysis: The Kremlin After Beslan (Radio Free Europe)

On First of May street, someone is weeping behind every door (The Independent)

The unimaginable horror inside School Number One (The Independent)

One siege, two stories: how the truth about School One is gradually emerging (The Independent)

IWPR special report on Beslan:

Beslan: A Nightmare Recalled (IWPR)

North Ossetia Boils With Anger (IWPR)

Ingushetia Fearful (IWPR)

Beslan Negotiations Shrouded in Mystery (IWPR)

Chechen Leaders' Relatives Seized (IWPR)

Basayev and Maskhadov Under Pressure (IWPR)

News Update - September 7

Groups Worry About Russia's Press Freedom (Washington Post)

Hostage Takers in Russia Argued Before Explosion (Washington Post)

Russia: Putin Rejects Open Inquiry Into Beslan Tragedy As Critical Voices Mount (Radio Free Europe)

Russia: On Beslan, Putin Looks Beyond Chechnya, Sees International Terror (Radio Free Europe)

Russian TV broadcasts siege video (BBC)

Civilians 'began siege shooting' (BBC)

Beslan searches for its missing (BBC)

Russians hold mass anti-terror protests (The Guardian)

Rumours fuel anger and threats of revenge (The Guardian)

News Update - September 5/6

Simmering rivalries of the Caucasus (Financial Times)

Ethnic Strife Looms in Wake of Beslan School Tragedy (Moscow News)

Russian Media Blast Putin for Lies Over Terror Attacks (Moscow News)

Questions Mount as Russia Mourns Its Children (Moscow News)

Web-Site Collects Over $135,000 for School Siege Victims (Moscow News)

Thousands Attend Funerals As Russia Mourns (Radio Free Europe)

Russia: World Reacts In Horror To Beslan Hostage Drama (Radio Free Europe)

Russia: Troubling Questions Remain About Bloody Beslan Siege (Radio Free Europe)

Russia Begins Two Days Of National Mourning (Radio Free Europe)

Media Watchdog Concerned About Russian Journalists (Radio Free Europe)

Chechnya collecting money for Beslan terror victims (Interfax)

Humanitarian organizations to continue aid to Beslan - UN official (Interfax)

New school, medical center to be built in Beslan (Interfax)

Russia Admits It Lied On Crisis. Public Was Misled On Scale of Siege (Washington Post)

Under a 'Crying' Sky, Beslan's Dead Are Laid to Rest (Washington Post)

Suspect: We wanted to start a war (CNN)

Victims of a conflict without end (The Economist)

Analysis: The hostage-takers (BBC)

'Hostage-taker' interviewed on TV (BBC)

Press fury over siege bloodbath (BBC)

Mass funerals while Russia mourns (BBC)

Chechnya: Why Putin is implacable (BBC)

Russians seek answers after siege (BBC)

In School's Ruins, a Town Confronts the Unthinkable (New York Times)

Russian Rebels Had Precise Plan (New York Times)

Moscow's Gloom Deepens as Fear Becomes Routine (New York Times)

An Agonizing Vigil Leads to Reunion or Despair (New York Times)

Beslan Gripped by Grief and Anxiety (IWPR)

Beslan Siege Unravels, Slowly and Bloodily (IWPR)

It's Time to Worry About the North Caucasus (Moscow Times)

Zakayev Was Asked to Assist in Negotiations at the School (Moscow Times)

Bombers' justification: Russians are killing our children, so we are here to kill yours (The Guardian)

Russia mourns Beslan's dead (The Guardian)

Putin warns of security backlash (The Guardian)

Leading Russian journalist 'poisoned' (The Guardian)

A Vision of Hell (Transitions Online)

A Chernobyl Moment (Transitions Online)

News Update - September 3/4

There will be another Beslan (opinion-The Guardian)

Trauma in the Caucasus (leader - The Guardian)

Bloodbath: up to 200 die as siege ends in mayhem (The Guardian)

Botched operation was a disaster waiting to happen (The Guardian)

Russia School Siege Ends in Carnage (Washington Post)

'All of a Sudden, the Big Bomb Blew Up'. For Children, Indelible Images of Mayhem' (Washington Post)

Putin's Silence on Crisis Underscores Chilling Trend (Washington Post)

Putin shuts crisis region borders (BBC)

High death toll in Russia siege (BBC)

'Disturbing failures' in school assault (BBC)

Putin on the defensive (BBC)

Eyewitness: Scenes of chaos (BBC)

Restrained coverage by Russian TV (BBC)

Terror in Russia - RFERL Special (Radio Free Europe)

International Terrorist Gang Headed by Militant Thought Dead (Moscow News)

Terrorists Told Putin Advisor They Had 1200 Hostages (Moscow News)

Two Emergency Situations Ministry planes deliver injured children from Beslan to Moscow (Interfax)

Shock and bewilderment as siege ends (Financial Times)

More than 150 killed in Russian school siege (Financial Times)

Hostages Escape During Fighting Between Captors and Soldiers (New York Times)

Russian TV Turns Away From Crisis (New York Times)

Weekly News Update - August 30
Due to the extraordinary nature of recent events, coverage will be continually updated through the coming days. Check back often!

School hostage taking:

Intl Red Cross calls for resolving conflict in N. Ossetia peacefully (Interfax)

Russia siege goes into third day (BBC)

A terrible lesson from a classroom in Beslan (The Guardian)

'Military action is no alternative' (The Guardian)

Russian Town's Young Treasures Under Threat (New York Times)

Risk to children limits time and options for Putin (Reuters)

Rally in Ingushetia urges terrorists to free hostages (Interfax)

Chechen rebels deny links to bombing, hostage drama (Reuters)

Putin, Too, Finds 'War on Terror' Unwinnable (Time)

Russia's own war (Editorial - Boston Globe)

Russia Rules Out Force in Hostage Drama (Reuters)

Russia: Hostage Drama In North Ossetia Enters Second Day; At Least 12 Civilians Dead (Radio Free Europe)

Russian press in agony (BBC)

31 released from Russian siege school (The Guardian)

26 Hostages Released From Russian School (Washington Post)

Chechen Conflict Now Rages Beyond Russia's Expectations (Washington Post)

'Exchange us for our children. What are they guilty of?' (The Guardian)

New breed of extremist turns fight for independence into unrelenting holy war (The Guardian)

Russia talks to hostage takers (BBC)

Secrity Council, in presidential statement, condemns hostage-taking (UN Security Council Press Release)

Analysis: Putin's permanent problem - Tom de Waal (BBC)

Russia Wants UN Security Council Session on Terror Attacks (Moscow News)

Hostage Crisis Unfolds in Russia as Guerrillas Seize School (New York Times)

Attackers storm Russian school (BBC)

Mixed reactions at Chechen poll (BBC)

Russian School Attackers Threaten to Kill Children (Reuters)

Plane crashes:

Honoring the Dead With Hours of Lies (Moscow Times)

The Black Widows' Revenge (Time)

Chechnya 'Black Widows' linked to sabotage of Russian jets (Daily Telegraph)

Chechen bombed Russian jet 'in revenge for brother's death' (Independent)

'Something Happened Fast' in Crashes (Moscow Times)

The Public Has a Right to Know (Moscow Times)

Plane Crashes Won't Hurt Putin In Chechen Vote (Washington Post)

Pro-Moscow Chechens, Separatists Deny Involvement in Plane Crashes (Moscow News)

Russians Find Explosives on 2nd Plane (New York Times)

Explosive Suggests Terrorists Downed Plane, Russia Says (New York Times)

A nation's fears reawakened (The Economist)

Moscow sees terrorist hand in air crashes (The Guardian)

Russia's Crashes and Chechnya (Christian Science Monitor)

Presidential Election:

HR Watchdog Calls for Cancellation of Chechen Election Results (Moscow News)

As Expected, General Wins Chechen Vote (New York Times)

Doubts voiced over Chechen poll (BBC)

Chechen vote 'tainted by fraud' (CNN)

Kremlin's man wins Chechen poll (BBC)

The Candidate Picked by the Kremlin Seems to Be the Voters' Choice in Chechnya (New York Times)

Blast Kills Man at Chechen Polling Station (The Guardian/AP)

Chechen favourite was always Moscow's man (Reuters)

Chechen Election Officials Declare Presidential Vote Valid (Radio Free Europe)

Kremlin Man Set to Win Tense Chechnya Election (Reuters)

Kremlin Man Heads for Chechnya Win (Washington Post)

Chechnya: Election Appears Sown Up (IWPR)

Money, Phones for Chechen Voters (Moscow Times)

Chechens Look to Election With Fear and Resignation (New York Times)

Peace, Stability on Chechens' Minds Before Election (Moscow News)

Chechnya Holds Election to Replace Leader (New York Times/AP)

Analysis: Will Moscow's Man Be Elected Chechnya's New Leader? (Radio Free Europe)

Chechnya: Few Surprises Expected In Presidential Vote (Radio Free Europe)

Bulgarian - OSCE Rep at Chechnya Elections (Novinite.com)


Russia Girds Itself For War (Radio Free Europe)

Putin points the finger in the wrong direction (Economist)

Chechen Separatists Say "Third Force" Behind Terrorist Attacks (Moscow News)

Chechnya Gripped by Stalinist Terror, or Where Do Suicide Bombers Come From (Moscow News)

After a Spate of Bombings, Moscow's Full of Foreboding (New York Times)

10 dead as girl blows herself up (Daily Telegraph)

No Change for Chechnya (Washington Post)

Challenge to Chechen rebel (The Guardian)

New Chechen leader vows peace (Reuters)

War without end - opinion (The Guardian)

Europe's darkest corner - Tom de Waal (The Guardian)

Chechnya Bans Masks, to Open Fire on Infringers (Reuters)

Grozny Sends Arab Envoy to Moscow (Moscow Times)

Officially, there is no war and life is better. In reality, chaos still reigns (The Guardian)

Military measures alone will not cure Chechnya (The Daily Telegraph)

Grim prospect of the war without end (The Daily Telegraph)

Remembering Basayev's Raid Five Years On (Moscow Times)

Supreme Court Reverses Acquittal of Russian Soldiers Who Killed Chechen Civilians (Moscow News)

Court rejects Chechnya acquittal (BBC)

Weekly News Update - August 23

Chechens Looking Abroad for Peace (Moscow Times)

The Kremlin's Choice for Chechnya (Transitions Online)

In Rare Visit, Putin Travels to Chechnya After Attacks (New York Times)

Putin Visits Chechnya After Rebel Attacks (New York Times)

Putin Flies to Chechnya Ahead of Vote (Moscow Times)

About 50 rebels eliminated in Chechnya - military (Interfax)

Gunmen Attack Police in Chechen Capital (The Guardian)

Police killed in pre-poll Chechnya attacks -agency (Reuters)

About 20 international observers to monitor Chechen elections (Interfax)

Meet the Chechen Lenin and the Chechen Zidane (Moscow News)

Operations in Chechnya should not be conducted by masked men - opinion (Interfax)

Liberals Against Naming Moscow Street After Chechen President (Moscow News)

Situation in Chechnya Improving - Defense Minister (Moscow News)

Draftees not to be sent to Chechnya (The Russia Journal)

4 Russians killed in Chechnya (International Herald Tribune)

Second chance awaits Chechen child needing heart surgery (Newsday.com)

Electoral Violations Prompt Letter to Putin From Chechen Public Figures (Moscow News)

An opportunity in Chechnya (International Herald Tribune)

Dancing in the dark (Times Online)

Weekly News Update - August 16

Puppet State or Failed State? (Transitions Online)

Chechnya marks 'special' birthday (BBC)

Chechen Boys Named After President to Get Money (Moscow News)

Chechnya: The Jobless Horde (IWPR)

Putin for Parliamentary Elections in Chechnya Soon (Moscow News)

Chechen Fighters Kill Four Russian Soldiers (Radio Free Europe)

Over 200 criminal cases opened in Chechnya for misuse of funds (Itar-Tass)

Chechnya's Terek Scores 1:0 Against Poland's Lech Poznan in UEFA Cup (Moscow News)

OIC, Arab League to observe Chechnya poll (Khaleej Times)

Chechnya must be given broad autonomy - mufti (Interfax)

Russian History Books Accused of Bias (The Guardian)

Female Chechen Suicide Bomber Identified by Relatives (Moscow News)

Foreign terrorist groups ordering rebels to disrupt Chechen election - FSB (Moscow Times)

Weekly News Update - August 9

4 Go on Trial in Mozdok Suicide Blast (Moscow Times)

Top Chechen Muslim Says Peace Must Involve Rebels (Moscow News)

Chechnya wants to be free economic zone (The Russia Journal)

Rights Groups Protest Closing of Chechen Newspaper (Moscow News)

Alkhanov: Chechnya Needs Help (Moscow Times)

Akhmadov Granted Asylum in the U.S. (Moscow Times)

Chechen Presidential Candidate Warns of Continued Economic Problems (Voice of America)

Chechnya ecology condition causes serious concern (Itar-Tass)

Asylum decision by U.S. fuels ire (Washington Times)

U.S. Asylum for a Chechen Angers Russia (New York Times)

A Conversation with Anne Nivat (WBUR Radio/Audio File)

Moscow slams Chechen's US asylum (BBC)

Humans behind the havoc (Book reviews - Jerusalem Post)

4 Are Killed in Rebel Attacks in Chechnya (Moscow Times)

Learning to Parrot (Transitions Online)

Light and Dark in the Pankisi Gorge (Transitions Online)

Chechen Values Survive Despite War, Violence (Radio Free Europe)

Rap rises in war-torn Chechnya (Tiscali Music)

Weekly News Update - August 2

Analysis: Sole Serious Challenger Barred From Chechen Ballot (Radio Free Europe)

Chechen Leader Vows To Kill Election Winner (Radio Free Europe)

Red Cross Closes Monday for Worker Kidnapped in Russia
(Moscow News)

One year later, still no news of ICRC staff member abducted in Chechnya (ICRC)

Chechen Elections Spur Stability Concerns in North Caucasus (Eurasianet)

In Promising Light in Chechnya, Moscow Shines It on One of Its Own (New York Times)

Maskhadov Vows to Kill Election Victor (Moscow Times)

In Chechen election, Moscow's heavy hand is everywhere (International Herald Tribune)

Chechen Rebel Leader Promises Fiercer War (Moscow News)

Chechnya clash kills three Russian police (Reuters AlertNet)

New Paramilitary Force in the Making in Chechnya (Moscow News)

Conference Called to End Chechen War (New York Times/AP)

Chechen Newspaper Closed Down Over Critical Articles (Moscow Times)

Chechnya's Maskhadov claims deadly rebel attack in southern Russia (Channel News Asia)

Qatar Court Upholds Russians' Sentences (The Guardian)

Video Shows Chechen Rebel Leader Arms Heading Raid (Reuters)

Weekly News Update - July 26

Analysis: Chechen Strongman Fights To Preserve His Private Army (Radio Free Europe)

Analysis: Light Shed On Ingush Militants' Motives (Radio Free Europe)

Saidullayev Barred From Vote (Moscow Times)

Top Rival to Moscow's Pick Barred from Chechen Poll (Reuters)

7 Candidates on Ballot for Chechnya's Election (Moscow Times)

New Paramilitary Force in the Making in Chechnya (Moscow News)

Head of Chechen Village, Two Others Die in Explosion (Moscow Times)

Chechen bomb kills policeman (The Guardian)

Syrian-born Journalist Appointed Chechen Envoy to Putin (Moscow News)

Blast Near Russian Base Wounds 8 People (The Guardian)

Russia: Putin Dismisses Head of General Staff In Military Shake-Up (Radio Free Europe)

Audit Chamber head Sergei Stepashin criticizes Chechen government restoration methods (Itar-Tass)

Interview with Akhmed Zakayev (Moscow News)

Weekly News Update - July 19

Putin Fires 3 Generals In Attempt to End Feud (Washington Post)

Rebel Leader Maskhadov Warns Chechnya War Will Spread (Moscow News)

Russian Commandos Kill 19 Chechen Rebels Over Weekend (Moscow News)

United Russia Leader Killed in Shali (Moscow Times)

Chechen rebel leader says war may spread (Reuters)

Chechen politician slams Western media over rebel's letter (Interfax)

UN says foreign staff still unable to return to Russian republic of Ingushetia (UN News Centre)

Stavropol Territory prosecutor's office accepts Jevikova missing person case for investigation (Interfax)

Chechnya 'struggling with crime' (BBC)

Demise of the Kadyrov Clan (Moscow News)

Running for Chechnya's Riskiest Job (Moscow Times)

12 Chechnya Security Forces Said Seized (The Guardian)

Russians in Qatar Appeal Life Sentence (Moscow News)

President of Chechnya unhurt after deadly bomb blast (International Herald Tribune)

Chechen leader escapes injury in motorcade attack; heavy fighting near Grozny (CBC News)

Weekly News Update - July 12

North Caucasus: Is A Chechnya-Style Conflict Brewing In Ingushetia? (Radio Free Europe)

Problems with creating civil society in Chechnya (Prague Watchdog - Timur Aliev)

Chechen-led band uses music as a wary tonic (Houston Chronicle)

Wall of silence over Ingushetia's missing men (The Globe and Mail)

Oil Company Executive, His Son Kidnapped in Chechen Capital (Moscow News)

Up to 13,000 Killed in Chechen War - Soldiers' Mothers (Moscow News)

Chechen Leader Predicts Russian Withdrawal (Moscow News)

People in Chechnya fear possible guerrilla attack (Prague Watchdog)

Rebels will fail in plunging Chechnya into violent past - Dzhabrailov (Interfax)

U.S. Journalist Klebnikov Murdered in Russia (NPR -audio)

U.S. Investigative Journalist Is Shot to Death in Russia (New York Times)

The anguish of Ingushetia's refugees (Globe and Mail)

We'll fight Russia for 20 years: Chechen rebel chief (Sydney Morning Herald)

Zyazikov Frets Over Ingush Abductions (Moscow Times)

Chechen rebel issues new threats (BBC)

Chechen Rebel Chief's Fighting Talk Meets with Scorn (Reuters)

Alkhanov calls talks with Maskhadov, Basayev impossible (Interfax)

Weekly News Update - July 3

Rebel Leader of Chechens Resurfaces on Videotape (New York Times)

Caucasus/U.S.: Washington Backs Kremlin On Chechen Exile In America (Radio Free Europe)

Chechnya's first women's magazine (BBC)

Two-Faced Chechnya Policy - Anne Applebaum (Washington Post)

Russians jailed over Chechen rebel killing (The Guardian)

In Chechen Presidential Race, Kremlin Takes Center Stage (New York Times)

Over 80 Civilians Missing in Chechnya in 2004 (Moscow News)

Court Acquits Officers Charged With Murdering Chechen Civilians (Moscow News)

Suspected Leader of Ingushetia Attack Killed (Moscow News)

Case opened on accidental killing of family in Chechnya (Interfax)

Russia says kills leader of raids near Chechnya (Reuters Alertnet)

Rebel raid the last straw for Chechen refugees in Ingushetia (AFP)

Chechnya: Checkpoint Lottery (IWPR)

Putin blamed as Chechnya war spreads (Reuters)

Five die in clash in Russia's Ingushetia (Reuters Alertnet)

Broadening the Chechen Peace Process (Moscow Times)

Weekly News Update- June 27

Guerrilla Raids Force Chechen Refugees to Flee Again
(New York Times)

Tales of Night of Terror in Russian Region
(New York Times)

Local Rebels Said to Join in Chechen Group's Raids Across Border
(New York Times)

Rebel Cause Bolstered by Injustice
(Moscow Times)

Bloody Raid Stuns Ingushetia

Not so small any more
(The Economist)

Putin gives Ingushetia more troops
(The Guardian)

Resolving war in Chechnya
(International Herald Tribune)

Chechnya has become a danger to us all (Op-ed)
(International Herald Tribune)

West blamed for Chechen rampage
(Scotland on Sunday)

Former Chechen pro-Russian top official shot dead in Moscow
(Channel News Asia)

Refugees from Russia's Chechnya Flee Police Raids

OSCE international observers to monitor presidential elections in Chechnya

Russia Attacks Raise Concerns in Chechnya
(The Guardian)

Russia: A Terrorist In Life Is A Terrorist In Death
(Radio Free Europe)

Chechnya abuses 'go unpunished'

Russia: Ingushetia Mourns Its Dead Amid Renewed Concerns For Regional Stability
(Radio Free Europe)

Ein Rebell auf Stimmenfang? (in German)
(Der Standard)

Weekly News Update-June 18

Chechnya: Time for an International Role? by Tom de Waal

Chechen Leader talks to RFE/RL
(Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty)

'A second Chechnya'
(The Guardian)

Eleven candidates claim Chechnya presidency

Five security officers killed during fight in Chechnya

Rights Lawyer Khamzayev Dies
(Moscow Times)

Putin's heavy hand could halt Russia's rise/George Soros
(International Herald Tribune)

Chechnya's Top Cop Tapped for President
(Moscow Times)

Slovak woman aid worker missing near Chechnya
(Reuters Alertnet)

Assassination Suspects Held in Chechnya
(The Guardian)

Strasbourg Court to Hear Chechen Complaints

Pankisi Gorge: A Refuge No More
(Transitions Online)

CAN Interview in the Chechen Times

Putin meets Chechen minister, boosts his poll hopes
(Reuters Alertnet)

Weekly News Update-June 10

Young men vanishing in Russian region
(Washington Post)

Fresh terror fears as bomb kills nine in Russian market
(The Guardian)

Russian delegation in Georgia to discuss repatriation of refugees from Pankisi gorge
(Civil Georgia)

Killings on the Increase
(Institute for War and Peace Reporting)

Grozny Returnees Remain Penniless
(Institute for War and Peace Reporting)

Comment: Kremlin Weighs up its Options
(Institute for War and Peace Reporting)

Political Confusion After Kadyrov
(Institute for War and Peace Reporting)

Report by the International Helsinki Federation for Human Rights on the Rigakhoi Bombing

Andrei Piontkovsky:Russia Must Be True to Its Words in Chechnya
(Moscow Times)

Surprise victory of Chechen soccer club

Russian news anchor sacked for interview with widow of Chechen rebel leader

Struggle of reconstruction

14 Ingush doctors employed by international NGO accused of being suicide bombers
(Moscow News)

Chechens March on Europe - With a Ball

Looking for Kadyrov's successor
(Radio Free Europe)

PACE rapporteurs studying situation in Chechnya

Weekly News Update-May 30

Dmitri Trenin speaks about Chechnya at the Carnegie Endowment:

Chechens Worried About Future Leader (Institute for War and Peace Reporting):

Pankisi Chechens concerned about Georgian-Russian rapprochement (Eurasianet):

Book review of the new book on Chechnya by Trenin/Malashenko (Eurasianet):

New election date set for Chechnya (BBC online):

Students abducted in Chechnya (BBC online):

Reliefweb update on the month of April (Reliefweb is the web portal of the United Nations' humanitarian agencies):

UN to continue work in Chechnya (Reliefweb):

Chechen Leader's Death Dashes Hope for Normalcy (NYTimes):

Chechen soccer team wins all-Russian title (Moscow Times):


Humanitarian crisis in Chechnya:

Hunger, desperate poverty, people living in bombed-out ruins and squalid camps, landmines causing daily casualties, widespread health problems and a whole generation growing up without adequate schooling...
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