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Our selection of primarily English-language news and analysis about the North Caucasus region from around the web will be updated monthly; previous editions can be found in our archive. Because of the wealth of information available on Chechnya, we cannot guarantee that our selection will be complete or that it represents the whole range of opinions. We try to present different takes in order to cover not just events, but a whole range of views and interpretations. Please go to Media for a collection of specialized online news sources.

September 29, 2008:

Police say suicide bomber attacks Ingushetia minister (IHT)

Strasbourg court fines Russia $206,000 over Chechnya deaths (RIA Novosti)

It's over, and Putin won (The Guardian)

To Smother Chechen Insurgency, Arson Campaign (New York Times)

Bitter rival of Chechnya's leader is shot dead in Russian capital (The Guardian)

Kadyrov Says Killing Tied to Blood Feud (Moscow Times)

Yamadayev Shot Dead in City Center (Moscow Times)

Ex-lawmaker from powerful Chechen clan murdered in Moscow (AFP)

Former Rebel in Chechnya Is Killed in Moscow (New York Times)

A Blast from the Past (Russia Profile)

Chechen president denies link to former Russian MP's assassination (The Guardian)

"Many People Tell Me Ramzan Did It" (Kommersant)

Chechnya's President Lost the Best Enemy (Kommersant)

How Moscow's hard man changed the face of Grozny (The Independent)

Gracious Grozny (Anatol Lieven in National Interest)

The biggest European mosque to open in Grozny in October Interfax)

Ramzan Kadyrov's grandfather, who was a renowned Chechnya religious leader, deceased (Interfax)

Ingush Man Escapes Torturers (Moscow Times)

Ingushetiya.ru Moves to New Address (Moscow Times)

Banned Ingushetia opposition website dodges authorities, reopens (RIA Novosti)

Ingush president's cousin shot dead in possible vendetta killing (Moscow News)

A Ridiculous Case of Mismanagement (Russia Profile)

Ingushetia abuses 'may spark war' (BBC)

Who's pushing Ingushetia out from under Russia's control?(Komsomolskaya Pravda)

Russian police break up demo over Kremlin critic's death (AFP)

U.S. urges probe of journalist's death in Ingushetia (Reuters)

EU joins calls for probe into death of Kremlin critic (EU Business)

Website owner's last words to his editor: "Roza, they are taking me away" (Reporters without Borders)

S.Russia opposition head says hounded after journalist death (RIA Novosti)

Tension in Ingushetia after journalist's death (Financial Times)

Kremlin critic shot in Ingushetia (BBC)

Begging to Disagree (Russia Profile)

Wrestlers Wrest Heritage From War's Wreckage (New York Times)

Book Review: 'The Angel of Grozny'(International Herald Tribune)

Angel of Grozny (Christian Science Monitor)

The Other Caucasus War (Moscow Times)

Anti-radical Islam reporter killed in south Russia (The Independent)

Second Russian journalist in three days killed (CNN International)

58 Muslims Await Trial in Nalchik (Moscow Times)

Mothers Sit and Wait for Answers (Moscow Times)

Russian forces kill 10 militants in Dagestan (Reuters)

Russian police: 11 gunmen killed in Dagestan (IHT)

Woman is killed by bomb in southern Russia (IHT)

Two police officers killed in N.Caucasus shooting (RIA Novosti)

August 14, 2008:

Russian manhunt for rival bolsters Chechen leader (Reuters)

Warrant Out for Yamadayev (Moscow Times)

Chechen Hero Now a Murderer (Kommersant)

Russia: Torture Victim Abducted in Chechnya (Human Rights Watch)

Justice According to Kadyrov (St. Petersburg Times)

Attackers kill 3 policemen in Chechnya (AP)

Ex-Chechen Rebel Tours Europe for Returnees (Moscow Times)

Gunmen Kill 2 Policemen in Ingushetia (Moscow Times)

Editor-in-chief of "Ingushetiya.ru" to apply for political asylum in Europe (Caucasian Knot)

Facing harassment, Web site editor flees Russia (CPJ News Alert)

Attackers target newsmen in Russia's Ingushetia-CPJ (Reuters)

80,000 sign petition vs south Russia leader-activist (Reuters)

Gunmen kill Ingushetia village police chief-media (Reuters)

Imam and his son attacked in Ingushetia (Interfax)

Court upholds order blocking website based in Ingushetia (Reporters without Borders)

Russian military ammo accident kills 7: media (Reuters)

Justice, Chechen style (Open Democracy)

Chechen Refugees Receive ID Cards, Free to Cross Borders (Georgian Times)

Chechens detained for Norway refugee centre attack (Reuters)

Attackers storm Norway asylum center, hurting 20 (AP)

Medvedev Picks Judge As Region's President (Moscow Times)

Information about attempt on Kadyrov's life confirmed in Chechnya (Caucasian Knot)

Chechen President Kadyrov denies assassination attempt rumors (RIA Novosti)

RF Government approves the Chechnya development program for 2008-2011 (Caucasian Knot)

Public prosecutor beaten in Chechnya was threatened for participating in trial of "Gorets" fighters (Caucasian Knot)

MPs of Chechnya vote for their self-dissolution (Caucasian Knot)

Light shines on small business as key to economic revival of Chechnya (Russia Today)

Chechnya's largest mosque opens in Grozny (Interfax)

Thousands to be immunised in North Caucasus (Reuters AlertNet)

Similar, But Different (Russia Profile)


July 9, 2008:

Russia's Balkars Present New Grievances (RFE/RL)

Armed group kills 3 in south Russia night raid (Reuters)

Three policemen killed in Russia's N.Caucasus-media (Reuters)

Three police officers killed in the Baksan region of Kabardino-Balkaria (ITAR-TASS)

How Chechnya came to Ingushetia (The Guardian)

Chechnya schools to teach math in local language (AP)

Construction Company from Slovakia to Build Sports Centre in Chechnya (Slovakia Today)

Russia begins military exercises in volatile N. Caucasus region (RIA Novosti)

Russia begins North Caucasus exercises (UPI)

Watchdog alleges mass grave in Chechnya (IHT)

Politkovskaya suspect 'in Europe' (BBC)

Russian prosecutor: Journalist's killer in West (AP)

Politkovskaya murder suspect sought since 2001: prosecutor (AFP)

Russia to spend 2.5 billion pounds rebuilding Chechnya (Reuters)

Human Rights Watch condemns Russia for violence in Ingushetia (IHT)

New Human Rights Watch on Ingushetia (HRW)

Time for a New Elite in Chechnya (Russia Profile)

Militants in Chechnya burn Russian armored vehicle (IHT)

Three More Charged In Journalist's Killing (Washington Post)

Clashes in Chechnya tarnish film week's bid for normality (Reuters)

Bomb blast injures 12 in Russia's Chechnya (Reuters)

Struggling to integrate: Displaced people from Chechnya living in other areas of the Russian Federation (Reliefweb)

The brutal biography of Chechnya's Ramzan Kadyrov (LA Times)

Chechnya in diaspora (Prague Watchdog)

Clashes in Chechnya tarnish film week's bid for normality (Reuters)

Fail grades in Russian and warfare (Prague Watchdog)

Jail sentence for Beslan 'healer' (BBC)

Russia criticizes Sweden's refusal to extradite alleged terrorist (IHT)

The unbearable lightness of hatred (Prague Watchdog)

Moscow court orders closure of North Caucasus news Web site (CPJ)

Against the odds, Chechen landmine survivors score goals on the football pitch (UNICEF)

The explosion that was noticed too late (Prague Watchdog)

Gunmen kill a police chief in Russia's Dagestan (Reuters)

The Dangers Of Wearing A Headscarf (Moscow Times)

Dagestani Newspaper Founder in Rare Probe (Moscow Times)

Family identifies son in Russian beheading video (IHT)

June 7, 2008:

Chechnya Wants Defense Agencies' Bases Out of Nature Preserves (Red Orbit)

Assailants attack police head in Russia's Chechnya (Reuters)

Russia's Chechnya moves memorial, citizens complain (Reuters)

Relocation of Chechen 'genocide' memorial opens wounds (AFP)

Chechnya: Pro-Moscow Authorities Move Memorial To Stalin Victims (RFE/RL)

A war with ancestral shades (Prague Watchdog)

The ice-cold reporter (Sydney Morning Herald)

Three children injured by mine explosion in Chechnya (Itar-Tass)

Mysterious Shifts in Chechnya, by Thomas de Waal (Moscow Times)

Analysis: Chechen Premier In Exile Denies Imputed Overtures To Pro-Moscow Leadership (RFE/RL)

Gunmen kill 3 policemen in Russia's Ingushetia (Reuters)

Daghestan's finance official escapes assassination attempt (RIA Novosti)

Police find two bombs in Daghestan in Russia's North Caucasus (RIA Novosti)

Amnesty International urges Russian president to follow through on human rights pledge (IHT/AP)

When Rebels Need Cash, a Relative Vanishes (Moscow Times)

Russian suspends Ingushetia opposition Web site (Reuters)

Militant with Khattab links detained in Chechnya (RIA Novosti)

Russia's Dagestan: Conflict Causes (new report by the International Crisis Group)

Politkovskaya murder suspect named (The Guardian)

Court releases suspect in Politkovskaya murder case (RIA Novosti)

Death of a Journalist (about new documentary about Anna Politkovskaya; Moscow Times)

Families of Disappeared Chechens Win Suit (Kommersant)

Strasbourg court orders Russia to pay compensation for abductions (RIA Novosti)

Russian Soldiers Complain to Strasbourg (Kommersant)

Kadyrov's Power Grows As Commander Leaves (Moscow Times)

Chechen Factory Rolls Out First Cars (Moscow Times)

Twenty-first issue of the monthly Chechen Society Today released (Prague Watchdog)

A World Away from Europe: Pankisi gorge shows another face of Georgia (Armenia Now)

Russia: In Daghestan, Free Maternity Care Ends With Hospital Closure (RFE/RL)









Humanitarian crisis in Chechnya:

Hunger, desperate poverty, people living in bombed-out ruins and squalid camps, landmines causing daily casualties, widespread health problems and a whole generation growing up without adequate schooling...
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