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There are a number of websites and newsgroups that offer background materials and research reports, as well as commentary. As goes with media sources about Chechnya, some of what is available online is biased or does not necessarily comply with the highest journalistic standards.

Prague Watchdog:
Prague-based news service providing reporting from the ground by Chechnya-based correspondents as well as media development projects in Chechnya.

"Chechnya Shortlist" - email newsgroup:

One of the most comprehensive collection of links on Chechnya available on the web. Well organized.

"Amina.com" - Chechen youth website and online forum:
The liveliest space in the Chechen internet, this website brings together mostly young Chechens at home and in the diaspora in chatrooms, online fora, article and link collections and a photo gallery. Mostly in Russian. for more information, see also Amina.com - a controversy.

Multimedia Links

Khassan Baiev, author of The Oath, speakers at the Atheneum Forum in Boston:

Short Slideshow of Grozny and Ingushetia:

Discussion of Chechnya on the Diane Rehm Show:

U.S. Institute of Peace Event on the March 2003 referendum:

Interview with French journalist Anne Nivat on Fresh Air:

Thomas de Waal speaks about the history of the Chechen conflict on Democracy Now!:

An interview with Paul Goble concerning RFERL reporter Babitsky:

Evgeny Primakov speaks about the war in Chechnya at Columbia University, October 2002:

CAN members Albina Digaeva and Almut Rochowanski speak on KPFA Radio Pacifica's Morning Show, March 5, 2004 (about 33 minutes into the show):

Chechnya. Beyond the Headlines: Carnegie Endowment briefing on the situation in Chechnya after the killing of Akhmad Kadyrov with Dmitri Trenin, Anatol Lieven, and Martha Brill Olcott.

Relevant Organizations in Europe, Canada and the US:
We urge everyone interested in getting active on behalf of peace and the well-being of the Chechen people to contact the groups listed below (unless you're in the US, in which case we invite you to join us.)

The American Committee for Peace in the Caucasus:
Washington, D.C.-based organization engaging mostly in advocacy and awareness-raising. Formerly known as American Committee for Peace in Chechnya. Cooperates closely with other D.C. think tanks and NGOs and headquartered at Freedomhouse.

Comite Tchetchenie: advocacy and humanitarian organization based in France, founded in 1999:

Groupe Tchetchenie/Actiegroep Tsjetsjenie:
Belgian organization aiming to promote peace in Chechnya, raise awareness about Chechnya in Belgium and the EU, provide information and analysis, conduct advocacy campaigns and help Chechen refugees in Belgium. French-speaking and Flemish branches!

Etudes sans Frontieres (ESF):
This excellent Paris-based organization (literally "Studies without Borders") was founded by French student volunteers to help students from Grozny University study in France. Every year since 2003, a group of Chechen students is selected and embarks on a course of advanced studies at French universities and practical training, with the goal of acquiring the skills needed to rebuild their war-torn society. A volunteer-run organization, ESF is financed by foundations, companies and private donors and asks for your help to continue its great work.

4Chechnya:Canadian volunteer organization focusing on aid and awareness. Links to aid organizations and opportunities to get involved in Canada.

Relevant Organizations in Russia:

Memorial: one of Russia's most prestigious and active human rights organizations, covering the war in Chechnya as well as abuses against Chechen IDPs elsewhere in Russia (in English, also available in Russian and German):

Human Rights Institute (Institut Prav Cheloveka): human rights organization founded and led by Sergei Kovalev (in Russian):

Russian-Chechen Friendship Society: grass-roots NGO with branches in Chechnya, Ingushetia and Nizhnyi Novgorod, which provides email updates on daily developments gathered by a network of correspondents. No current working website.

Stichting Russian Justice Initiative: Formerly known as the Chechnya Justice Initiative, this groundbreaking initiative utilizes domestic and international legal mechanisms to seek redress for ongoing human rights violations in Chechnya. Together, its implementing partnersthe Moscow office of the Stichting Russian Justice Initiative and the Ingushetia-based Pravovaia Initsiativa po Chechneprovide legal counsel to select victims of human rights violations and their families. SRJI lawyers and researchers investigate incidents of arbitrary detention, torture, forced disappearances and extrajudicial executions and bring these cases to the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg, France.



Humanitarian crisis in Chechnya:

Hunger, desperate poverty, people living in bombed-out ruins and squalid camps, landmines causing daily casualties, widespread health problems and a whole generation growing up without adequate schooling...
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