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Human Rights

Organizations Reporting on Chechnya

Human Rights Online: Russian-language portal for information about human rights and human rights organizations in Russia; continuing coverage of Chechnya:

Human Rights Institute (Institut Prav Cheloveka): human rights organization founded and led by Sergei Kovalev (in Russian):

Memorial: one of Russia's most prestigious and active human rights organizations, covering the war in Chechnya as well as abuses against Chechen IDPs elsewhere in Russia (in English, also available in Russian and German):

Memorial's monthly update from Chechnya:
The renowned Russian human rights organization Memorial operates an office in Nazran, Ingushetia, from where its staff members have been documenting human rights violations in Chechnya with great scrutiny. Memorial Nazran publishes a monthly bulletin (with a two-month delay for fact-checking) containing such documentation and describing their legal efforts to help. CAN will make them available online to provide the most accurate, locally collected information to our visitors.

To read Memorial's local coverage, go to Local Documentation and News Releases

Human Rights Violations in Chechnya: a website containing documentary evidence and reports about human rights issues as well as political commentary mostly directed at European audiences.

Stichting Russian Justice Initiative:
Formerly known as the Chechnya Justice Initiative, this groundbreaking initiative utilizes domestic and international legal mechanisms to seek redress for ongoing human rights violations in Chechnya. Together, its implementing partnersthe Moscow office of the Stichting Russian Justice Initiative and the Ingushetia-based Pravovaia Initsiativa po Chechneprovide legal counsel to select victims of human rights violations and their families. SRJI lawyers and researchers investigate incidents of arbitrary detention, torture, forced disappearances and extrajudicial executions and bring these cases to the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg, France.


Humanitarian crisis in Chechnya:

Hunger, desperate poverty, people living in bombed-out ruins and squalid camps, landmines causing daily casualties, widespread health problems and a whole generation growing up without adequate schooling...
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