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The Conflict

Articles and research papers on the sources of conflict in Chechnya and possible means of addressing it.

A Spreading Danger: Time for a New Policy Toward Chechnya Carnegie Endowment for International Peace Policy Brief 35, March 2005. Co-authored by Fiona Hill (Brookings Institution), Thomas de Waal (Institute for War and Peace Reporting) and Anatol Lieven (Carnegie Endowment).
download here

Islam and the Caucasus: A Look at Chechnya, Transcript of a panel hosted by the Center for Strategic and International Studies/ Russia and Eurasia Program and Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty. With Dr. Aslan Doukaev, Director
for the North Caucasus Service at Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty; Dr. Fiona Hill, Senior Fellow at the Brookings Institution; Michael Morrow, Deputy Director of
Russian Affairs at the State Department (May 2004)

The Defence Academy of the United Kingdom/Conflict Studies Research Centre (Caucasus Series)

Che Guevaras in Turbans. The Twisted Lineage of Islamic Fundamentalism in Chechnya and Dagestan, by Georgi M. Derluguian, professor of sociology at Northwestern University (October 1999)

The Structures of Chechnya's Quagmire, PONARS Policy Memo 309 by Georgi Derluguian (November 2003)

Under Fond Western Eyes, Georgi Derluguian's review of Andrew Meier's book, Black Earth: A Journey through Russia after the Fall. New Left Review 24, (November 2003).

The War Against Terrorism and the Conflict in Chechnya: A Case for Distinction, by Svante E. Cornell

Chechnya’s Internal Fragmentation, 1996 – 1999, by Miriam Lanskoy

Nightmare in the Caucasus, by Anatol Lieven. The Washington Quarterly 23 (Winter 2000)
download here

Understanding Violence for Post-Conflict Reconstruction in Chechnya, by Valery Tishkov. Centre for Applied Studies in International Negotiations (CASIN), 2001
download here

Humanitarian crisis in Chechnya:

Hunger, desperate poverty, people living in bombed-out ruins and squalid camps, landmines causing daily casualties, widespread health problems and a whole generation growing up without adequate schooling...
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