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Natasha Estemirova (1959-2009)

© Human Rights Watch 2007
"From the very first day I met her, she had immediately left a powerful impression on me. When I walked into Memorials Grozny office, she immediately offered me tea and candies and told me to eat quickly so that I had strength to get as much work done as possible. Her energy was overwhelming and intimidating. Before I could even get out my notebook and digital recorder, she began spewing out name after name of the people she thought I should meet while I was there. I could hardly keep up with her. She asked me who I wanted to meet from my hastily scribbled list but, before I could answer, she had already picked up a phone and was calling all the people on the list to arrange my interviews. This was Natashaa woman of few words and plenty of action. She always seemed to be one step ahead of everyone else."

Heidi Hoogerbeets met Natasha Estemirova in 2007, when she traveled to Chechnya as a graduate researcher and reporter.
Read Heidi's impressions of Natasha and her work
Read CAN's tribute to Natasha Estemirova

Assist Natasha's daughter.
At 15, Lana Estemirova is now an orphan. Please contribute to efforts to provide for Lana's education and other immediate and long-term needs - learn more here.


Selected international coverage of Natasha's murder:

A Fearless Activist in a Land of Thugs (NY Times)
A Teacher They Wouldn't Obey (TOL/Novaya Gazeta)
"Kadyrov's involvement must be one of the theories...." (Interview with Oleg Orlov, chairman of the Memorial Human Rights Centre) (Prague Watchdog)
Russia rules out UN expert probe into Chechen activist's murder (RIA Novosti)
A Lease for the Kadyrovs (Russia Profile)
Voice of oppressed silenced (The Age)
Heroes not of our time (Prague Watchdog)
Who shot Natalia Estemirova?
(The Guardian)
'Such People Are The First To Be Killed'
Award-winning human rights campaigner murdered in Chechnya (The Guardian)

Chechnya's peace is built on murder (The Guardian)
Was Estemirova's Killing Linked To Her Most Recent Activities? (RFE/RL)
Remembering Natalia (BBC)
Chechen leader 'threatened' Natalia Estemirova (Times)
Natalya Estemirova: a life stalked by danger (Telegraph)
The murder of Natalia Estemirova is a dire warning (Telegraph)
David Remnick: Natasha Estemirova (New Yorker)
Medvedev: Russian activist's killers will be found (AP)
The Grimmest Waiting List in Russia (NY Times)
Estemirova murder shatters image of calm in Chechnya (Euronews)
Natalya Estemirova's heirs: The women who risk all to expose Chechnya's horrors (Telegraph)
Human rights group pulls out of Chechnya (The Independent)
Chechen leader 'threatened' Natalia Estemirova (Times)
Chechnya's dissenting voice silenced
Natalya Estemirova: kidnapped and murdered (Open Democracy)
The personal toll of Estemirova's murder (Global Post)
Chechens Left With Nowhere To Turn (RFE/RL)

International Response (governments, international organizations):

Statement Attributable to the Spokesperson for the Secretary-General on the murder of human rights activist Natalia Estemirova
UNHCR dismayed at murder of humanitarian worker
Human Rights First: Investigate Killing of Russian Human Rights Defender
EU Presidency statement on the murder of Natalia Estemirova
Human Rights Watch: Leading Chechnya Rights Activist Murdered
PEN American Center Condemns Murder of Natalia Estemirova
US 'disturbed and saddened' by Russian killing
PACE shocked by murder of Natasha Estemirova
Norway condemns Estemirova murder
UN experts ready to assist Russia in investigating series of killings of human rights defenders





The Chechnya Advocacy Network was formed out of deep concern about the alarming situation in Chechnya and the plight of Chechen refugees all over the world. We strive to raise awareness about the ongoing conflict, particularly its human dimension, advocate for a more engaged international response and work to develop adequate responses to the humanitarian crisis. We are neither pro-Chechen nor pro-Russian, but supportive of solutions that promise the best possible outcome for the people of Chechnya and the North Caucasus. As an open, non-partisan initiative we welcome everyone who shares these goals with us.

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